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Who We Are

Cafe promotes a Culture of High Expectations and emphasizes the importance of Post- Secondary Education for ALL students in our communities. In addition, Cafe empowers families and community with specific demographic, educational, and economic tools to achieve their dreams for a better future.

Cafe Con Leche Texas
About Cafe Con Leche

Café Con Leche allows parents to learn more about available education and career opportunities for their children in order to create a “Culture of Higher Education” at home.

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The Road to College

Current data shows that when parents are involved students are more likely to graduate from high school and enter college. Let us help facilitate that involvement.

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Conversation Series

Provides parents the skills, knowledge, abilities, and understanding of the importance of preparing their children to finish high school and enter Post-Secondary education.

What is Cafe?

What We Are Doing

To effectively engage families in this very important conversation, Café Con Leche utilizes an inclusive, innovative approach that builds rapport, understands Latino family norms and is culturally relevant today.

Support and serve parents
Connect parents to school and community
Identify challenges and barriers
Track parent progress throughout

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Road to College
Road to College

The curriculum is comprised of monthly or weekly educational sessions that prepare parents and students to head towards college!

Engagement & Culture
Engagement & Culture

Café Con Leche utilizes an inclusive, innovative approach that builds rapport, understands family norms and is culturally relevant today.

Conversation Series
Conversation Series

The Series will provide important information on the value of education, what they can do as parents to prepare their children for Post-Secondary education

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Percentage of parents who said the Café program helped them understand the importance of college and the steps to take to obtain a college education.

Percentage of of parents who said the Café Con Leche program helped their child.

Percentage of parents that agree that schools should provide other parent and student oriented programs like Café con Leche and Road to College.

Percentage of parents who said they want their child to continue visits from a Road to College Mentor.

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