Road to College

Instilling the Value of Education.

Road to College Program

Engagement & Culture

The Road to College Program is an educational engagement program for parents and students.  This program instills the value of education while developing positive school-to-parent relationships and creating a college-going culture for 5th to 12th-grade students and their families. The curriculum is comprised of monthly or weekly educational sessions that include: Creating High Expectations at Home, Understanding the Role of Parents in Education, Participating in School and Community Activities, College Life and Financial Aid 101, and Taking Advantage of College Access Resources. In addition, The Road to College Program is offered to students during the summer. The summer curriculum is six weeks consisting of four different segments: Academic Enrichment, Supportive Guidance, Nutrition, and Fitness. Current data shows that when parents are involved and have access to information about college from the time their students enter elementary school, their students are more likely to graduate from high school and enter college.  On the contrary, if we fail them, only one in five will graduate from High School on time.

Engaging Communities Through Culture


To effectively engage families in this very important conversation, Café Con Leche utilizes an inclusive, innovative approach that builds rapport, understands family norms and is culturally relevant today. Family Engagement is a process of informing, educating, and strengthening the community, relationships and trust with families. We utilize authentic engagement strategies; establishing advocates for people, neighborhoods, and issues. With our focus on Family Engagement; we will ensure education is top-of-mind and a key conversation at the dinner table.

Creating a College-Going Culture


The University of Texas System Institute for Public School Initiatives (IPSI), through the College Access and Evaluation Divisions, produced a report on the Café Con Leche – College Access Outreach and Scholarship Program. IPSI assessed the success of the program with 800 parents from 18 regions throughout Texas. 

After attending Café Con Leche sessions…


  • 87% of parents said they would be more likely to complete the FAFSA or TASFA
  • 57% of parents said they contacted their school counselor
  • 68% of parents said they would connect with family and friends about Café Con Leche
  • 99% of parents said the program should be continued
  • 98% of  Café Con Leche scholarship grantees are still attending college