Cafe Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche Wichita Falls

Stories from Cafe Con Leche

Students, parents, and high school counselors have shared how attending a Café Con Leche session affected them…

“As a student, the door has been opened to greater opportunities and I have been reassured that help really is out there.”

A parent said, “I have learned how much aid is out there and when to apply for it.”

A parent stated: “Café is an amazing program.”

“As a college advisor, I never have the opportunity to interact as in-depth as I did during the Café. I generally pour information to students and families about the college process, but to speak on an informal level about their personal fears, hesitations, and hopes for their children was quite a rewarding experience!”

A counselor said, “The feedback we got from the parents was very good concerning the Café Con Leche. The parents had a chance to have some myths dispelled.”